Access Control enables you to secure the physical assets of your organisation. By having the ability the electronically lock and unlock doors on demand, or on timezone, you are able to ensure that you assets and personnel are protected from unwanted intruders. Modern access control system are able to integrate with other existing security and BAS systems. They allow you to take control of each area of your premisis by dictating who has access and who does not. Access control also allows you to monitor movements and activity within your premisis, it can allow to you control when and where people are allowed to enter and exit your buildings.


Closed Circuit Television is widely used these days to monitor public and private sites in order to detect or monitor unwanted behaviour. CCTV systems are scaleable, you may only need one to two cameras in a small installation, but systems are able to be expanded to include hundreds of cameras. Digital Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders allow organisations to grow their security CCTV systems as their requirements increase, also allowing for the monitoring of images from a central location. There are a range of options when building a CCTV system, including IP cameras which only require a network point and power for installation, cutting down on the expensive task of running cables from the camera back to the recording device.


Security Systems are the first point in securing your premisis. Comtex Security is able to install and maintain security systems that can expand to cover large sites such as Universities and Hospitals with several buildings and locations across the country.